Personal info

I have been happily married to my best friend Bill for over two decades now. I am a mother of four awesome kids, a Christian, giver (and receiver) of hugs and kisses, a retired biochemist (retired when kids started coming along), a maker of music, a grower of gardens, a wood worker, a sweeper of kitchen floors, scrubber of pots, and many other things. My varied life experiences have given me much to be thankful for, and much food for thought. I never cease to wonder at the beauty, creativity, and design (in other words, the hand of God) in the world around me, and it is my ardent desire to instill that wonder and awe in my children, and hopefully to spark a bit of it in visitors to this website.

To contact me

If you have questions about anything you've read here, want to chat with me about anything, or see anything that needs fixing, please feel free to let me know at

Current musings...

  • Ever wanted to write a song? I did, and found some really cool software to help me do it.

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